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Custom Embossed Clothing: The Unique You

Jul. 17, 2021

The change in clothing is a sign of the changing times. 

different caps

Work is glorious, simplicity is beautiful

When the People's Republic of China was just founded, the country was in need of revitality. People even didn't know what custom embossed clothing is. But at that time, people's enthusiasm for building a new China was unprecedented. The enthusiasm was also reflected in the way people dressed. At that time, the clothes were not only simple in style but also monotonous in color. "Army green" and "overalls blue" were the main colors at that time.

In the 1960s and 1970s, military uniforms became the new favorite of The Times. No matter men, women, old and young, workers and farmers, everyone "To face the powder and not to powder the face. " And competed to wear civilian-military clothes. At that time, wearing a military uniform, a military cap, a pair of liberation shoes at the foot, and a grassy green canvas bag printed with the words "serve the people" was the best interpretation of "revolutionary", representing the highest aesthetic of clothing at that time.

In that era of planned economy, people could not have too much attention to dress.

people often in blackEmancipate the mind and pursue fashion

In 1978, we launched the reform and opening-up policy, which not only greatly liberated and developed the productive forces but also profoundly changed people's thinking and concepts. People have become more open and tolerant, and are more willing to accept new things. The aesthetic of Chinese clothes has also changed quietly.

In addition to the style of clothes, people also put forward higher requirements on the fabric, texture. The function of clothes is not only to hide the shame and keep warm but also to emancipate people's minds and pursue fashion, reflecting the transformation of people's quality of life from food and clothing to delicacy.

Another change is that the types of clothes are also more varied than ever. We have professional wear for work, casual wear for leisure, and sportswear for sports, and the classification is becoming more and more detailed.

Especially by the late 1990s, people have completely unburdened their ideological baggage, more and more attention to their own clothes. It can be said that clothing at this time is a witness to the liberation and development of China's social productive forces, and interprets the gorgeous transformation of Chinese people's thoughts.

Custom clothing and logo

Pay attention to individuality and unique

Today, with the rapid development of the Internet industry, online shopping has gradually become the daily shopping method of young people. We can easily buy the clothes we like just by moving our fingers. People's clothing concept has also undergone subtle changes again, especially the younger generation, who pay attention to the expression of personality. Their fashion consciousness has been fully awakened, and they no longer blindly worship luxury brands or chase after the trend. On the contrary, they are more interested in personality and self and are more interested in finding new ways and not being in company with the public.

With the development of the Internet and 3D technology, communication between enterprises and consumers is no longer an obstacle, and production needs can also be customized and personalized. Therefore, customization and customization will become the development direction of the apparel manufacturing industry in the future. Especially the "post-1995" generation, they have a growing demand for differentiated and personalized clothes, hoping to buy clothes that are different from others.

For example, there are some common fashional technologies: screen print, digital, sublimation, heat transfer, emboss, embroidered, and glow in dark. We RUNHANG have them all.

our customized service

What are the advantages of our products?

Fashionable and popular design; High quality and Competitive Price.

How to control the quality of the product?
Check and confirm all material and details before the bulk production; Tracing all of the phases of production
from the beginning to the end; Check the quality again before packing and shipping.

Can you have your own customized clothing?
Yes. Your customized requirements for color, logo, design, package, carton mark, etc. are very welcome.

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