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How to Find A Beach Towel that Lasts

Jun. 13, 2022

Never underestimate the power of a quality beach towel when it comes to enjoying every trip to the beach! A beach towel is one of the most important pieces of beach gear that many people take for granted. A beach towel is not the same thing as a bath towel! In order to have a great time at the beach, using a beach towel is the right choice.

Here are some tips to help you find a quality beach towel that will make your beach trip fun and enjoyable for a long time.

Look for cotton or terry cloth

Beach towels are designed to absorb more water than bath towels, so they are less likely to get wet and attract a lot of sand. This makes them ideal towels and mats for the beach.

The longest lasting beach towels are those that absorb the most water and dry quickly. Choose a beach towel made from a blend of cotton or terry cloth.

How to Find A Beach Towel that Lasts

Prioritize comfort

While cheap towels feel great in your pocket, they can often be very uncomfortable on the back when they serve as protection from hot sand or hard loungers. Buying soft but more expensive beach towels from the start can make sunbathing very enjoyable and can help save money in the long run.

Avoid thick towels

For comfort, beach towels don't have to be extra thick. An extra-thick beach towel can even be a hassle because it takes up a lot of packing space in the car.

Beach towels must not only provide enough comfort, they must also be compact when folded. A beach towel of the right thickness will not only save space in your beach bag or the trunk of your car. It can also make it easier to shake off trapped sand.

Choose a larger towel

The average width and length of a beach towel is 40 inches and 70 inches, respectively. Some are even larger.

Beach towels are often the body's only line of defense against hot sand and must be able to accommodate one or more people lying down, along with their beach gear. A larger beach towel may be more useful than a regular size because it can accommodate larger/more people and larger/more beach gear.

How to Find A Beach Towel that Lasts

Finding the right look

Actually, the look will play a role. First, consider the color of the beach towel. If the color is dark, such as gray or black, it will absorb a lot of heat, making it uncomfortable to lie or sit on.

Light-colored beach towels do not absorb as much heat as dark-colored beach towels because they reflect most of the sunlight. This makes for a more comfortable beach towel that people may use for a long time.

Another reason it seems important is that who wants to be seen in an ugly beach towel, right?


It's easy to find a beach towel that will last when a person knows what to look for. With these five tips, finding a "forever" beach towel will be very, very easy. Contact us to get your custom beach towel, whether it's a pattern, size, or material, we can meet your needs. 

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