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Tips On How To Choose The Best Quality Towels

Jul. 31, 2021

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A good towel should last for several years, depending on how you wash and dry it. But even the best towels eventually wear out after daily use: seams may come apart, the backing may start to tear, terry loops may degrade, resulting in a less fluffy feel, and the towel may lose its absorbency. If this is the case with your bath towels, then it's time to buy some new ones. Towel suppliers also offer some tips on how to choose the right towel for your preferences.

After talking to several experts and conducting research, RUNHANG Towel determined that a quality towel should meet the following criteria.


When you pick up a towel, it should first be able to dry you effectively. It should wick water away from your body and into itself, not just push it around.

Dries quickly

A good towel should dry quickly so it's ready for your next shower and less likely to develop a musty odor.

Soft Texture

Whatever that means to you, a towel should feel comfortable on your skin. Some people like extra plush soft towels that feel good to the touch. While others prefer thinner, pleasant towels that feel soft but light when they dry. Determining the type of texture you prefer is one of the easiest ways to find the towels you like.

Adequate coverage

Towels or robes that are too small or too large are unpleasant, leaving you either feeling cold and naked or drowning in heavy fabric. Coverage varies from person to person, but we asked staff of all heights and sizes to summarize and tell us what they thought in our selection.

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The color of the towel you are considering. Darker versions should be more representative of their long-term softness because deeply saturated colors use so many dyes that they don't absorb temporary softeners.


In the long run, it should not fall apart, shred or fall apart. Pilling, shrinkage and fading are things that will happen after normal use, but not to the point of being annoying.

100% cotton

While you'll find some fans of alternative fibers like modal and bamboo rayon, our consensus with the experts is that 100 % cotton offers the combination of absorbency, softness and durability that most people want.

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